Freak Animal 3"CD's batch- 3 for 20 euro
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Label: Freak Animal Records
Format: 3"cd

Pick 3 items (normally 8 euro each) for 20 euro price. Mention in order comment section which titles you pick!

(Weight of 3 items is equal to one normal CD. So shipping of 5 euro iternational is valid for 12 copies!)

Currently available:

Umpio "Trankilo" 3"

Sick Seed "Failed Rituals" 3"

Jaakko Vanhala "cuts of grace" 3"

Selected Killing 3"

Worth 3"

FA-CD-155 PRELEST “Teodal” 3″CD

FA-CD-156 MOOZZHEAD “Faces of little death” 3″CD

FA-CD-157 AMEK-MAJ “Kolem” 3″CD

FA-CD-158 CONTORTUS “Truncated” 3″CD