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Format: magazine
Austrian Black Metal Underground Fanzine 32 cursed and xeroxed pages, DIN-A4, old school style  pure Black Metal Terror for the few dedicated maniakks only!
HÖLLENTANZ is German and means HELLDANCE! Regular issues are written mostly in German language to support the German-speaking underground mainly and with four issues in total released until now. This special issue includes all interviews done in English, for all the non German-speaking maniakks out there, incl. two new contributions with RIDE FOR REVENGE (Fin) and BARZABEL (Ndl). Older interviews are with AZAZEL (Fin), DIABOLI (Fin), INFERNO (Cze), PYLVANAINEN (Oi/RAC from Fin), MORDAEHOTH (Ndl) and SATANISMO CALIBRO 9 (Infernal Ritualistic Industrial from Ita).