YANA "Chimerism" CD
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Label: Freak Animal Records
Format: cd

Finnish experimental noise duo. Debut CD, Freak Animal Records 2017.

YANA has been well kept secret if one can say so. Out of variety of sessions this experimental noise duo has created, only few unique hand made tapes circulate. Couple of them had landed into hands of Freak Animal, and it was instantly obvious that this project is something that has been lacking in Finnish noise scene.

It is at the same time free-flowing sound realm what suggests fairly improvised sessions – and song oriented material what keeps each session coherent and focused. This debut CD titled “Chimerism”contains 4 songs in c. 40 minutes, material that could satisfy both, fans of more cruel industrial-noise as well as those who prefer more vivid physically hand made sonic experiments.

Short sample fragment barely does justice for neither of this albums. Freak Animal has never been shy about putting out new and unknown artists instead of already legendary names. Many know we don’t put out “whatever”. These two names are absolute essential things to check out from newer generation of projects from Finland!