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Label: Freak Animal Records
Format: LP
SADIO/CALIGULA031: Split LP. (elettronica radicale edizioni / freak animalfinland)Split LP between Finnish master of sexual ultra-violence SADIO and NorthernItaly's sleaze-mongers CALIGULA031. Limited to 250 copies, comes in a plainwhite sleeve covered with blood drills. Pasted-on artwork. Each record isdifferent and unique. Co-released in collaboration between ElettronicaRadicale Edizioni & Freak Animal Records.SADIO returns to action after the excellent CD "Sophisticated Methods InTorture", already released in 2015 by Freak Animal. SADIO continues itsexploration through dungeons of agonizing frequencies, suffering sounds,excessive atmospheres and layers of wild yet perfectly constructed noise.CALIGULA031 is back on vinyl with four new tracks, displaying trademarkanalog driven electronics with tortured vocals and real-life samples. Thisnew chapter delivered by Wertham's side project, focuses on heroin tales ofhuman decline, between backstabbing low-lives, bodies sold on the sidewalkfor a quick fix and memories of 80's junkies roaming around Zurichnotorious "needle park".