BIONULOR "Sacred Mushroom Chant" cd
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Format: cd

Inspired by the work of such artists as Aube and William Basinski, Bionulor is raking the past once more, like an alchemist searching for the most appropriate material for his work. "Sacred Mushroom Chant" is a record created solely on the basis of treatment of the human voice without additional sounds or instruments. Each of the five tracks is based on a separate part of the sound source. The foundation consists of: an archival record of shamanic chant associated with the ceremony of taking hallucinogenic mushrooms, a Japanese traditional song extracted from a collection of old vinyl records, the famous phrase by Neil Armstrong´ walking on the surface of the moon, a fragment of an interview with Marcel Duchamp telling about his first ready-made, and finally the voice of the artist himself denouncing the sentence attributed to Hassan ibn-Sabbah ("Nothing is true"). Over 50 minutes of pure experimental music created on the basis of author´s creative method called the "100% sound recycling." Cover art by Monika Machnik, mastered by Peter Andersson. Comes in 4-panel digipack.