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Finnish black metal is known for it´s extreme views and merciless
no-compromise approach. As a music genre, black metal differs from the
others by having a strong ideological contest. Satanic values,
glorification of evil and unsolidarity, as well as pure hatred towards
christian and multicultural society, are more than just childish
rebellion for the people involved. Eternal Flame of Gehenna examines the
phenomena through interviewing the key figures of the moment. It gives
the face to a subculture seen as a threat to common safety by Finnish
Security Intelligence.
In this movie you find out about thoughts of a grave violator, grave
robber and hear what they feel when the old wooden church is burning
down. Eternal Flame of Gehenna is also a view on the history and the
current state of Finnish black metal featuring bands like Azaghal,
Azazel, Barathrum, Beherit, Enochian Crescent, Goatmoon, Horna, Satanic
Warmaster etc.

Noise of Finland is a documentary about finnish noise and
power electronics scene. Loud distorted noise made with scrap metal and
effect pedals are combined with extreme views and shocking visuals. The
barriers of human limits and impossibility of commercial success are
surpassed with limitless self expression. Movie includes the artists of
the genre like Grunt, Bizarre Uproar, Manic/Depression, Sick Seed and
Strom.EC. Both movies directed by Sami Kettunen. PAL DVD second
underground edition, with cover lay out by Werwolf, English subtitles,
on Bestial Burst/Northern Heritage/Primitive Reaction/Hammer of Hate.