BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR  "Beyond Time & Portals of Death" LP
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Label: Blood Harvest
Format: LP

Limited to 300 copies! Hailing from the Patagonian capital city of Nequen, Argentina. BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR play a dark & primordial Black/Death Metal with a very tribal and unique sound which is both interesting and distinctly South American. The band issued its first demo, , in 2008 and the latest EP "Bestial Obscure Metal Kaos" in 2012. The "Bestial Obscure Metal Kaos" EP was the catalyst to a tour that took the band to Chile, Bolivia, Peru and all over Argentina. This limited edition vinyl, combines both these releases on one record, now together re-titled as "Beyond Time & Portals of Death". Let this documment serve as a pre-taste of the bands development and give you a hint of what is to come on the bands upcoming album on Blood Harves