The Sinister Flame VI: Black Pilgrimage Magazine
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Format: magazine
We’ve spoken once again with individuals and artists who follow the Sinister path with unyielding will and who see their artistic work unfold in unbreakable bond with their path. Much of the discussion revolves around esoteric and occult traditions, magick, nature, art and the on-going distortion of the West. Fires are lit with members of Mortuus, Aethyrick, Exaltatio Diaboli, Ysengrin, Secuntra Nexion, Spiritual Outlaw, Bathory Legion and Thy Darkened Shade. We have also explored Pan-European Satanism and its peculiar relationship to Black Metal with Warloghe, Altar of Perversion and TBO. And there’s plenty more. 80/A4 pages printed in full colour, designed by Lunar Revelations, with front cover by T. Ketola. Released and distributed by New Era Productions.