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Towards the end of the nineties, black metal – by then one of the most feared musical genres ever, that had already made a name for itself thanks to a bloody streak of homicides and various acts of arson and violence – merged its sonic belligerence with National Socialist beliefs and the ideology of white power groups, breeding a new counterculture that’s incendiary and ferocious like no other. A formula of intransigent extremism like never before in contemporary music, a world where this mixture of aural excess and loyalty to the “mythos of the blood” gave birth to hundreds of new bands and gathered thousands of disciples from all over the globe: Russia, United States, Germany, France, Poland, Australia, Italy, Scandinavia and even South America.
From the defining fathers of the genre (Absurd, Graveland, Der Stürmer, Spear of Longinus) to its more unknown and dangerous representatives, Wolves Among Sheep delves deep into this black abyss to bring forth the history and development of NSBM – National Socialist Black Metal, an underground phenomenon that transcended music to become a doctrine in its own right, a nefarious call to arms for those dissident youths who declared war to society as we know it. Almost 600 pages!! Postage is like LP's.