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Format: book + cd

Cult Never Dies The Mega Zine, 268 page book.

‘Mega’ (meaning ‘very large’) ‘Zine’ - (short for fanzine)

Directly inspired by the aesthetics and approach of the print fanzines of the pre-internet era, the Cult Never Dies: The Mega Zine series expands the focus from Cult Never Dies’ previous black metal books to more fully document the metal underground. The fourth full-length work by Dayal Patterson (Black Metal: Evolution Of The Cult, Cult Never Dies Vol. One and Into The Abyss), featuring guest writing from the talented Frank Allain, this tome comprises of huge, candid and definitive interviews with: MYSTICUM, BAL-SAGOTH, IN THE WOODS..., REVEREND BIZARRE, INDESINENCE, NAHTRUNAR, SLEGEST, SCYTHIAN, LYCHGATE, MORK, ANCIENT, JON KRISTIANSEN and the story of HEAD NOT FOUND records, black metal photographer ESTER SEGARRA and illustrator GARETH ELLIOTT.

All orders will include a full-length Odium Records 20th anniversary CD compilation, featuring tracks from respected bands such as Mephorash, Varathron, Black Altar and Beastcraft, and including several previously unheard tracks. 

“We had the pleasure to meet Dayal in person in London, where we had a fantastic conversation and interview lasting over two hours. It soon became very clear that this was interviewing on a completely different level. His knowledge on the black metal scene and its history is without comparison. Highly recommended to anyone looking for more depth and insight than any other media is capable to offer.”

Anders Kobro (IN THE WOODS...) 

“In the tumultuous and protean world of music journalism it's rare to find publications conceived and executed with genuine insight into extreme metal's myriad sub-genres and the bands which embody them. Dayal Patterson's Cult Never Dies: The Mega Zine is truly one of those rare gems; a collection of perspicacious and incisive interviews which will captivate and enlighten the reader, affording an unparalleled glimpse into the mindsets of the artists interrogated within its pages. The Bal-Sagoth chapter alone represents what is undeniably one of the most comprehensive and meticulously thorough interviews I've answered in more than twenty years.”

Byron Roberts (BAL-SAGOTH)

“As a fan of the 'Cult Never Dies' books I have always been fascinated by how Dayal Patterson brings depth and insight to the acts featured. If the story of Slegest should be told, I can't think of any better place to do it than here.”


“I have known Dayal personally for fifteen years – in fact, his Crypt zine was one of the first to ever interview Indesinence around 2003. It therefore seemed fitting that he should feature one of our last, and I was humbled when he asked. I can´t say answering it was easy - in my case, I feel great about what the band achieved, but am also burdened by a necessity to close this chapter and move on, which probably runs counter to how detailed and the interview ended up being. Talking to old friend Frank Allain, whom I was lucky to be in a band with when we were both still teenagers, certainly helped make things easier, as we could both just relax and nerd out a bit. I look forward to reading The Mega Zine as a music fan, and hope our ramblings entertain others in the same way.”

Ilia Rodriguez (INDESINENCE)

I give my respect to Dayal Patterson. For his true work, genuine interest and knowledge of the art, Black Metal. Hails for keeping it real!”

Herr General Cerastes (MYSTICUM)

“Having been blown away by the volume and depth of Dayal's ‘Cult Never Dies’ books, I was very pleased to hear about the launch of The Mega Zine and it was an honour to be asked to be featured in it. As with everything he puts his hands on, the interview is very thorough, in depth and challenging, as well as showing an understanding of both the craft I work with and the subject matters I deal with. Very pleased with the results!”

Ester Segarra

“I am honoured to be included in one of Patterson's works. He is obviously genuinely into the black metal history, both past and present. I remember picking up his first book in London a while back. Back then I was thinking that one goal for me would be to get included in a book. Now, thanks to Patterson's open mind I finally am.”

Thomas Eriksen (MORK)