2-3 Days
Format: book
"After a year of mental torture and battling through a long-finger ailment, Existentiell ´zine is finally available, including interviews with: Book Of Sand (US), Chaos Moon/Esoterica (US), Greg Downey (AUS), Eos (CAN), Mörkö (FIN), Nandor Nevai (US), Ordinance (FIN), Osman Arabi (LEB), Ride For Revenge (FIN), Johannes Riisitauti (FIN) & Siorai Geimhreadh (IRE). Includes plenty of quasi-philosophical fumblings through meta-modernism, the creative process and the ethnomethodology of underground metal." Note that we´re not talking about an ordinary ´zine but a 200-page, content-driven book.