Hum of the Druid - "Down Home Paganism" tape
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Format: tape
Active since 2003, Hum of the Druid—a solo project by Eric Stonefelt—has amassed a solid and cultivated body of work that runs the gamut in terms style and artistic intention. Recorded in 2018, “Down Home Paganism” reflects the continued evolution of Stonefelt’s work. The six tracks on this tape are dense and textural, displaying an abundance of disparate sounds, meticulously sculpted and arranged. The sources are predominantly organic but at times feel foreign, despite their relatively commonplace nature: metal and junk, guitars, and vocals. There’s a haunting intimacy to much of Stonefelt’s work, but it is especially pronounced on “Down Home Paganism.” The latticework of the psyche, splayed and exposed. A meticulous archeology of the spirit—excavating the trenches of internal psychic wars fought, lost, and long forgotten by the conscious mind.