Zero Kama ‎– "The Secret Eye Of L.A.Y.L.A.H." LP (black)
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Format: LP

Limited edition 69 copies on Black vinyl, 2014 edition! 

(no CD version with vinyl)

All instruments to be heard on this album were exclusively made from human bones and skulls by the hand of Zero Kama.
Recorded from 5th to 28th of May 1984 e.v. in The Secret Temple of Laylah, this work is dedicated to the symbol of
Laylah, meaning night and death, as well as to its equivalent in cabalistic numerology, Oz, a goat or unrestrained sexual
force of creation, thus showing the identity of the basic opposite forces in this generous universe of beauty and strength, in
which the lovers may find ecstasy in Pan. Who wishes to enter this world of darkness, in which the great goat dwelleth, may
pass through the sigil of Oz given on the front side of this cover.

Digitally remastered by Zoe DeWitt in 2012. Several tracks in significantly longer versions.