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Format: tape
among some of the hardest to obtain fetish artifacts in the glorious open-minded pluralistic underground of the now utterly dead and tortured past of 90’s american noise xxx inferno - autoerotichrist tapes are holy artifacts in the church of the underground bible.

they seem damn near impossible. here included is the nearly unknown full c60 of the deepest of noise catalogs - the inimitable deadline records run by none other than holy ghost perverse high priest richard ramirez.

get a cold touch on that feeling of true sinister perversion that only autoerotichrist has produced. anyone fortunate enough to witness their brain bashing highlight performances can attest to the authenticity of this sorely missed true noise band. the red cover, haunting porn and red vinyl of the birthright classic 7” alone was enough to instill fear and arousal in more than one teenage catholic…


AEC track from Dead Body Love split is titled "Paroxysm" (no release title) 1997
no title (or self-titled) for Deadline Recordings tape (no release title) 1997
track from split 7" with Richard Ramirez track is titled "Surgery in Braille" (release title: 'Birthright') 1996
track from split 7" with Incapacitants is titled "Landmine Contrivances" (no release title) 1997
track from split 7" with JTCH is titled "Saw Driven Xenocide" (no release title) 1997

large poly bag with tons of color inserts and download code.