MACRONYMPHA "Unreleased Material 92​-​93" tape
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Format: tape
Advaita. Macronympha - Unreleased Material 92-93 

We are proud to release these previously unreleased early recordings of Macronympha, the most important group in the history of US harsh noise. 

Several years ago, while searching Nakajima-san's archives for AUBE master tapes, I came across a stained brown with cigarette tar cassette labeled Macronympha - Unreleased Material, and marveled at its contents. 
I thought it was too good to let the cassettes sit buried, so I contacted Joseph Roemer to confirm that these were still unreleased material, a mix of live material from WRCT radio station crazy show and other live recording in '92-'93. 

The unique technique of mixing the different sources heard on side A, swinging them around from left to right pan in all directions, is characteristic of Macronympha's sound during this period, and the B-side will assault your eardrums with a more boosted, heavy harsh sound. 

The cover is made up of three layers, completed by the combination of transparent print sticker on the cassette case , transparent film, and paper jacket. 
It is duplicated on the legendary Nakamichi ZX-7 cassette deck from the 80s.