MNEM "Heart of Complex"  tape
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Format: tape
Satatuhatta. Having existed for over 20 years already, with a relatively sparse release schedule, MNEM is still one of the most exciting experimental music projects from Finland. Satatuhatta is very happy to present 'Heart of Complex', a new six-track album and a follower to 2020's 'Elyktrion'. 

MNEM's sound world is based on grainy and dream-like, disintegrating tape loops, creating a unique, unhurried and hypnotic atmosphere. Something desolate at the outset, yet constantly breathing in life from another world. It's like waking up in an underground bunker with a memory loss or being stuck in the engine room of an alien spaceship. 

'Heart of Complex' is a cohesive addition to MNEM discography, expanding the sonic universe of MNEM even further.