COFFIN TEXTS "Tomb of Infinite Ritual" LP
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Format: LP

the 2nd album by this legendary trio from Los Angeles, California. Founded by Roberto Cradenas and Richard Gonzales back in 1995 after the break-up of cult gore grind band ENTITY. Coffin Texts has been roaming the California Death Metal underground since their initiation. Sharing members with cult bands such as SADISTIC INTENT, POSSESSED, INFAMY, ENTITY and other bands in which the members are active. Roberto Cardenas is also playing in the great renowned power-metal band AGENT STEEL. Developing their own unique style and sound they released their debut CD in 2000, titled 'Gods of Creation, Death & Afterlife' which was released in US/Canada, South America and Europe on CD and vinyl format. Celebrated in the underground, this is a well hidden gem and high-class, true Death Metal with its roots in the ancient Californian Death Metal style. After several studio mishaps and hard-drive crashes, the band just recently managed to finalize the mixing process. 'Tomb of Infinite Ritual' shows COFFIN TEXTS at their very best. While the musicians themselves have developed and perfected their skills, the same spirit and approach to Death Metal remains true and intact!