Nokturnal Mortum "Weltanschauung" 2xCD
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Format: 2x cd

2016, Oriana.

2 CD Deluxe digipak with completely new design 36-pages booklet.
Remixed and remastered Mirovozzrenie CD.

Recorded at Mart Studio, Kharkiv during spring '02 - summer '04.
Mixed at OSF studio, Kharkiv, Ukraine during winter-spring 2012
Engineered by Andrey Veryovkin
Mastered at Mana Recording studio, Florida, USA during summer 2012
Engineered by Brian Elliott
All Knjaz Varggoth's vocals recorded at The Beat Studio, Kharkiv during winter '04.
All intro songs recorded at Oriana Stronghold during summer '04.

Except track 1-9/2-9, all interludes are differents on the 2 CDs.