Kanker Kommando "Low Tech 1982-88" LP
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Format: LP
Harbinger Sound immerse in the hypnotic avant-noise of Belgium’s Kanker Kommando with Low Tech 1982-88, collecting cuts from their 5 self-released tapes, plus previously unreleased material. Originally a punk band, then a noise band, and soon enough incorporating avant-classical inspirations, the low tech-fetishists Jaak Perquy and Henk Willaerts trod their own path thru the no-man’s-land of noise in a way that evidently resonated with Harbinger Sound’s own sonic politics and conception of sound art. They prefer to structure themselves as an “albino amoeba”, a sort of single-celled organism, who relished the conceptual challenge of working with firmly established limitations - instruments, musical skills, recording-equipment - as a key conceit of the music.Drawn from Loud Stereo .Eadphones [1987] you’ll intercept the monotonous pulse of .Ead and something like alien morse code in Implosieve Kracht from their Naakt & Kwetsbaar [1987] release. But the rest is all previous unheard, taking in the discomfortingly unheimlich, amniotic sensation of Slaapswandel; a Conet Project-like transmission of nursery rhyme melody and noise in Signal; and more blunted mechanical rhythms recalling NON/Robert Turman in Kwetsbaar, the locked-in mono rhythm Naakt, and what sounds like an EVP recording in the airborne oddity Count.