PROPHETS OF DOOM "umultuous Diabolism" LP
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Format: LP

Prophets of Doom trio blasphemes on bastard Jesus Christ and all that is holy across the four unmercyful diatribes (plus intro & outro) of Infernal Black / Death Metal defamation included in their sophomore recording "Tumultuous Diabolism". Far from trends or last century influences, this incendiary apostasy shows an execrable devotion for acts like Profanatica, Demoncy, Incantation or Von, ceremonially adorned by demoniac organ atmosphere resounding of Necomantia or Mortuary Drape. 

Produced into the most disgusting necrosound, pissing on modern winds and modern sounds, "Tumultuous Diabolism" gets proper 12" black vinyl treatment by Death Mace Records in a limited edition of 200 copies. Posers beware and keep far from the true Black / Death Metal cult.