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Label: Northern Heritage
Format: cd

NH-106 NOENUM "s/t" CD

Mysterious Finnish Black Metal band Noenum released their debut demo in 2002. Followed by 10" vinyl in 2004. Final release, split LP with Vritra was published in 2009. Now ten years later, all the hard to find and expensive vinyl only releases are collected as anthology CD by Northern Heritage. Complete works of Noenum was mastered from original recordings and graphics scanned from original photos and drawings.

Instead of chronological order, anthology approaches Noenum differently.

As their 25 minutes long mLP "Black Esoteric Evangelium" presents the focus point of their works, together with one unreleased piece, this is placed as opening of anthology. Followed by two tracks from split LP and finally two tracks from the demo. 50 minutes duration exposes Noenum compositional style to be at the same time presenting well the traditions known from 2000's Finnish raw black metal, but also having unique mysterious aura - completely different from their contemporaries. High pitched painful shrieks, often midpaced and minimal music focusing on well defined riffs and linear song structures.


Published 2019

Jewelbox, 4 page booklet