A.N.H. "Agonizing Noisecore Holocaust 1993" CD
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Format: cd

Finnish noisecore all the way from 1993, the monicker A.N.H. was used for words like Anemic Noise Horror and Anarcho Nihilist Horror.
Blastbeats mixed with weird 80´s drum machine rhythms and very noncommercial attitude, this duo was originally influenced by the likes of Sore Throat and Godflesh and came up sounding like early Meat Shits, Audio Stench, Potabilizadora etc. drum machine driven noisecore bands from the golden era of the genre. Includes the A.N.H. split tape  with Grunt, "Demo Sessions 4/93" tape and a rehearsal session (yes, the band actually rehearsed!). 51 minutes and 46 seconds of Agonizing Noisecore Holocaust, all original artwork used for the layout.

L.S.Records 2016