RAAN "The Nacrasti" cd
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Format: cd
The remarkable debut from R|A|A|N (Stig Berg) and the second release on our sister-label Malignant Antibody. R|A|A|N delivers dark-ambient in it´s classic pure-form, at times, conjuring the spirit of Heresy-era Lustmord or vintage Raison D´Etre. Heavy ritualistic drones, sporadic rhythmic accents, and deep subsonics that will vibrate your very core. An ideal blend of thick warm analog and sharp digital sound that bridges the gap between old and new technology. Thematically, The Nacrasti explores an ancient desert culture that was advanced beyond its time and yet long forgotten by history. Your dark evolving journey into this lost "Nacrastan" landscape is streaked with the warm hue of sun-bleached rock, sand, gold, and fire. A serenely brooding work with a myriad of nocturnal sub-textures. At times a subtle, almost alien combination of sounds. Proof-positive that dark-drones can intone an element of beauty and power. A very promising debut from an equally promising new talent. An album that will leave you excited for what comes next and a critical new addition to every dark-ambient collection.