ALAIN DE FILIPPIS "Petites Musiques de Bruits" cd
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Format: cd
This might be an academic study of a Duchampian approach to sound construction, but De Filippis contextualizes the ´readymade´ - in this case the sampled fragment - as a subversive agent set against the institutional canons of the ivory tower. He liberally samples from various 19th and 20th century orchestral compositions, and then transposes, overlaps and reverses the jarring fragments within a mangled collage of repeating loops. The album is soaked with a black humour and rhythmic sensibility rarely found in De Fillipi´s musique concrete and electroacoustic brethren. Yet as he has issued this subversive tract from a position within the ivory tower, he may well be oblivious to the fact that he has arrived at the same conclusion that Clint Ruin and Laibach came to more than a decade ago, under more abject circumstances. (Jim Haynes - The Wire)" Groundfault