V/A "U.S. Bestial Forces"-3xCD
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Format: 3xcd

US. BESTIAL FORCES! unites really 50 pearls of US American power electronic bands: F/I/T/H. Richard Ramirez. Genocide Lolita. Violent Pink. Deeper Wells. Frailty of Angels. Gnawed. Magia Nuda. James Balster. Deterge. Blood Rhythms. NYARLATHOTEP. R.S.P.. Churner. RU-486 feat. Bereft. Koufar. His Throne. The Vomit Arsonist. Constrictions. Miscreant. Murderous Vision. Nyodene D.. Cunting Daughters. Josh Hydeman. Goatlab. The Thin White Puke. Bitchneck. Corpuscle. Bereft. Klit. Hierchiss. Sharpwaist. False Flag. Xiphoid Dementia. Streetmeat. Corephallism. Pharmakon. Slogun. Rape-X features Missy Moist. Zulanwar. Custodian. Grammal Seizure. Striations. Steel Hook Prostheses. Mania. Blessed Sacrifist. Wolverine Carcass. Heavy Breathing. Secret Guilt. Machismo.