UTON "from the twilight, next to nowhere and disappeared" cd
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Format: cd

Uton is the one-man project of Jani Hirvonen originally hailing from Tampere, Finland. After 2001 Uton’s been releasing many albums on many different labels (like PseudoArcana, Jewelled Antler, Last Visible Dog, Ikuisuus). Uton’s music is a mix of many genres, including elements from drone, avant-noise, free-improv, psychedelia, ambient, tape-music, musique concre´te etc. Sometimes wondering in the silent dark semi-acoustic mysteries, and in the next day creating noisy wall of sound with outer space echoes and alien atmospheres. Uton’s sound is made from many sources; like electric guitar (which is usually detuned, prepared or/and bowed), small synths (usually far away from modern possibilities), electronics (mixer, bunch of cables with effect pedals), voice, different type of percussions (small drums, maracasses), bells, violin, flutes, keyboards… and nowadays also some digital manipulation too. All kind of instruments are welcome to join in, but the result is always coming from the same filter (which we call now with name “Uton”) He has collaborated with Alan Courtis (Reynols), Antony Milton (Mrtyu, Black Boned Angel), Ben Reynolds, Peter Wright, Jari Koho (Vapaa), Maxime Primault (Enfer Boreal, High Wolf) and Jan Anderzen (Tomutonttu, Kemialliset Ysta¨va¨t) among others. "From The Twilight, Next to Nowhere and Disappeared" album was recorded already around 2004-2005 in Tampere, Finland. Recorded with four-track tape recorder, and later edited and mastered digitally on computer. Musically this album shows the most mysterious and atmospheric side of Uton.