Body Stress / Yasuhito Fujinami "Her Weeping Echoes" tape
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Format: tape
Combining two of the freshest voices in contemporary harsh noise, "Her Weeping Echoes" brings together Denmark's Body Stress and Japan's Yasuhito Fujinami. Together they achieve a rare feat, presenting a split release that manages to capture a cohesive sound and atmosphere while still showcasing what makes each artist unique. Body Stress pushes their frenetic approach to noise to even greater extremes on the A-side. This is impossibly fast and pummeling music. Dynamic electronics taken to the limit. Moving beyond cut-up harsh noise into something new; the future is bright. On the flip side, Yasuhito Fujinami joins a small cadre of artists like Tourette, Oscillating Innards, Kazuma Kubota, and Pedestrian Deposit, who manage to seamlessly intersperse tense and beautiful ambient passages with harrowing noise eruptions. Incredibly detailed compositions that tell a story, Yasuhito Fujinami is one of the most exciting artists to emerge from Japan's storied noise underground. Meet your two favorite new artists.