ROOT "the revelation" 2xLP
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Format: 2xLP

Root´s "The Revelation" is unquestionably one of the most mysterious
releases in this enigmatic band´s catalog. Although it was originally
never intended to be officially released, it was eventually unearthed and
released on CD. That CD, however, does no justice to the music it contains
and was not even acknowledged as an official release by some band members.
The details surrounding the recording of "The Revelation" are nearly as
obscure as the music itself. Root´s debut album, "Zjeveni," was released
in 1990 and was recorded entirely in Czech. When Root began recording
their second album they chose to present the lyrics in English in order to
spread their message of darkness even further. At the same time, the idea
was presented to also re-record the "Zjeveni" album with English vocals.
Because it was never intended for actual release, this version appears
only in a raw, unmixed form. In many ways, this primitive sound is more
akin to Root´s sound on their demos than to that of their early albums.
Another curious element of "The Revelation" is the inclusion of additional
intros recorded and added to the album that are not present on "Zjeveni."
Virtually nothing else is known about how this particular recording was
made or discovered. It does, however, deserve a formal place alongside the
many other classic Root releases and this proper issue of "The Revelation"
should ensure that it achieves its rightful status. NWN