SHROUD OF THE HERETIC  "Revelations in Alchemy " LP
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Format: LP

Formed in 2009 in Portland, Oregon. After releasing the Boiled to Death
demo and some changes in lineup, the band matured into its current
incarnation: vocalist/bassist Thom, drummer Lauren, and guitarist JT. The
Boiled to Death demo was released on vinyl through BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS,
limited to 300 copies, and on CD through Craneo Negro, who also
co-released the vinyl edition. In 2013, SHROUD OF THE HERETIC recorded
their debut full-length, Revelations in Alchemy, to be released on vinyl,
again through BLOOD HARVEST, and on CD through Craneo Negro. A churning,
cavernous rumble of occult Metal of Death, SHROUD OF THE HERETIC's
Revelations in Alchemy revels in the otherworldly and the ghastly, the
horrific and the sublime. Always pulsing and pouding ever forward, ever
toward terrible visions, the trio's sound is as spiritual as it is
physical. SHROUD OF THE HERETIC have had the opportunity to share the
stage with Grave Upheaval, Impetuous Ritual, Anhedonist, Ritual
Necromancy, Dispirit, Old Skin, and Knelt Rote. The band is currently
writing their darkest, bleakest material to date.