GEN 26 "Irish Made Easy" tape
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Format: tape
Matjaz Galicic is a Slovenian noise artist (SIST EN 343. MASTIKATOR. etc). In 2002 Matjaz started a solo project. called GEN 26. GEN 26 is dedicated to sound experimentation. natural. urban noise. sound deviation and manipulation. All this is done on the level of improvisation through self-thought manipulation elements. For the difference of SIST EN 343. GEN 26 is soundwise more opened. more personal and can also be more complex. What Matjaz has to say about his project: "With GEN 26 I want to explore deep sound characteristics. transform it. divert it. design it into construction of soundscapes and create logic to unlogic chaotic sequences of sounds. rhytms. sound waves. voices and sound detonations. My live performances. sets. can vary from ambient orientated. guest appearing to complete chaotic noise deviations and brutal sound interactive actions. Each set is unique and is highly based on improvisation only. So watch out to see it." One description of the gig announcement read: "Piercing lecture from Gen 26. LEGEND of the Slovenian DIY scene. never compromised. never human. brute reality and clinical dissections of discomfort. Harsh." Tape release. limited to 30 copies