MXM "Flesh Biting Paedophi1e" cd
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Label: Freak Animal Records
Format: cd

Macronympha + Monde Bruits!! The cult of the crunchy harsh noise!! Monde Bruits was the Japanese noise music project of Shohei Iwasaki. He died in a motorcycle accident in 2005. and perhaps due this misfortune. his works has been been very hard to find due lack of any re-issues. Portuguese Man-Of-War. Purgatory and such tapes from 1991 remain along worshipped treasure of noise fanatics. Industrial Recollections had possibility to publish only release that could be fully authorized by its makers: MxM. In this release. Macronympha takes the source material of Monde Bruits. creating intense mix. transforming the ultra busy and highly electric works of Monde Bruits into heavy crunch and brutally saturated rumble. It combines the best elements of both. creating harsh noise release one should not miss! Originally released by Mother Savage Noise Productions in 1995. This version Industrial Recollections 2013.