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Label: Freak Animal Records
Format: cd

Lolita Slavinder unleashes the long awaited compilation of Finnish noisecore!! NIHILIST COMMANDO presents the nihilo noisecore in bands finest tradition. NUCLEAR VOICE reeks the south american DT/Reh damage with hints of Necropussy or Hellnoise. A.N.H. still reminds their early 90's sound. but with additional influence of Deche-Charge at their best. TUHO wrestles in dirty basement. BEIP screams out total pussy core. From NOISE WASTE archives was found unreleased recording of ultra chaotic vocal storm and instrument distorter. ANAL KEG unreleased demo 2006 in it's full glory. AUNT MARY returns with fresh material from 2011. with nasty and fierce sound. making their comeback 7" sound like Toto. FUNERAL MONGOLOIDS. fast and furious. retarded noisecore in at its best. S.E.X. is like Tokyo Anal Dynamite era Gerogerigegege with throatier vocals. YESMEANSYES finishes this 60 minutes compilation with their best live recording ever. full of energy. 12 pages booklet and inlay.