Harrowing Tines ‘zine #1
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Format: magazine

The first outpouring of Harrowing Tines ‘zine – subtitled By Any Means Necessary – is out and available now. 

Slaves have been scourged and believers have been set alight with the following agent provocateurs: CLANDESTINE BLAZE, FÖRGJORD, GRAFVITNIR, KAARNA, MIMORIUM, ORDINANCE, SIRPINMURTAJA, UNCLEAN and WOLFCHILD A.D. Over sixty pages of cut ‘n’ paste gutsfuck and lavish heresies to celebrate the end of the Nazarene Aeon. As desirable and inevitable as it is. 

So, pour yourself a nice cup of Kool-Aid and let these baleful pages raise you far above the mundane woes of today. But, be forewarned – this ain’t Manifesto for the Tenderhearted.