CONTROL "algolagia"-cd
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Label: Freak Animal Records
Format: cd

For years I have been thinking of re-issuing two Control albums on Freak Animal. Both albums hold the special place for me. First Control album was decent, but as said, it was Algolagnia what really set the tone for Control. It may be hard for newbies to travel back 20 years, and hear how advanced and unique material was then. It set the standard of American power electronics / industrial to unheard level of composition, technical knowhow etc. Also being so unique, that you will recognize Control in few seconds when it starts to play. That can't be said about countless projects. This album has been sold out so long, that while FA has been reissuing selected items from past discography, this was always in my mind as necessary to get reissue.

Freak Animal records 2022.