GRUNT "petturien rooli" cd
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Label: Freak Animal Records
Format: cd

Freak Animal is proud to present new full length CD of Grunt! Recorded between 2007-2009. making it longest recording task of project so far. Presenting some of the new sides of Grunt. but with the touch known from before. Album contains no harsh noise. but is innovative mixture of fierce power electronics with echoes of early 80´s Ramleh & Sutcliffe Jugend. mixed with experimental organic noise influences a´la Organum. Ferial Confine. to heavy dominant euro PE/industrial attacks to rhythic elements and metal percussions linking towards Vivenza. Test Dept and Militia. Exclusively Finnish language lyrics and samples. with themes related to history of Finland since early turbulent years of civil war to post WWII atmosphere. 64 minutes with 9 songs presenting wide variety of moods. sound sources. compositions. approaches. blended into album that could be said unique even in extensive Grunt discography! Packaged in jewelbox with b/w artwork. Freak Animal 049