Sannhet – "Young Death" LP
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Format: LP

Hospital prod. A collection of rare and unreleased material from 2008-2013. 

Corking set of hard to find and unreleased material by Brooklyn-based metal group Sannhet - all appearing on vinyl for the first time - who debut on Hospital Productions with the explorative dynamics and wordless but lyrically emotive arrangements of Young Death.

At an edgeland juncture of post-rock, noise and metal, this is one of the strongest of its ilk to cross our paths this year. Rather than an album proper, the band and Hospital Productions have assembled a nine-part series of portraits of Sannhet’s early phase, dating as far back as 2008 and right up to their debut album, Known Flood in 2013.

The A-side banks the escalating, thunderous post-rock/death metal force of their self-released Sannhet EP cassette of 2013, along with a more expansive, unreleased piece from the same session, whilst the B-side holds both parts of the Lion’s Eye EP’s pelting drama, plus two unreleased pieces from 2008, a slowerengima of acousmatiuc samples and juggernaut post-rock surges, and the spirit rubbling noise attrition of Rapid Transit.

If you were feeling last year’s Clay Rendering records, or yearn for a post rock with metal gusto, not sappy cliche or neck-cricking floppy fringes, this is your lot.