RNA "A Taste Of...RNA" cd
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Format: cd

RNA consists of Eiko Ishibashi, a multi-instrumentalist known for her diverse activities ranging from electronic music to singer/songwriter and film/animation soundtracks; Fumio Kosakai, a noisemaker who has played in many of Japan's most important noise bands such as Emergency Stairs, C.C.C., and Incapacitants, and who has picked up guitar in Space Engine and others; and Kimihide Kusabuka, aka K2 who has been searching for new frontiers since the dawn of Japanese industrial noise history.

This album includes the band's 2018 performance at SuperDeluxe as temple of experimental music in Tokyo,

The drastic interplay between drums, guitars, and electronics is chillingly heated up in this amazing 40 minutes. Yasushi Utsunomiya is the mastering engineer and Masahiko Ohno is the art director.


It all started in 2013 with a collaboration between K2 Kusafuka and Eiko Ishibashi, who met through social networking sites, and F. Kosakai and Kusafuka, an old acquaintance who released a collaborative album around the same time. RNA has been performing at a leisurely pace, getting together only once a year for a live performance. Their improvisational performances are noisy, but undeniably rock and no-wave.