COPPICE "Draw agreement" 3x cd
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"A spatiotemporal synthesis of Abdridgements, Observatory Sound, and Sonic Observation." 

Part of Coppice's study in Phonography & Fiction (2018-2022). 

A nesting time capsule that cycles 

Folded time and layered space 

Sound, mechanical rooms, time travel 

Refraction, Reflection, and Diffusion 

Rotation, Turning, and Flux 

A spatiotemporal synthesis of Coppice’s auditory and musical experiments (2009-2022) with custom, prepared, and modified musical instruments and devices. 

This 3CD set abridges Coppice’s first three studies, artificially inserts them into the Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, WI, and binaurally captures their diffusion across Elastic’s CLEAT (Chicago Laboratory for Electroacoustic Theatre), a 16-channel 96-speaker sound system. 


paru le 30 janvier 2023 

Composed by Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Kramer. 

Read digital liner notes "Lightyears: Exploded/Collapsed Auditions for Test Audiences and Technics" at 

CD1: Abridgements 

1. Circumpass (2009-2014) 

2. Compass (2014-2018) 

3. Hourglass (2009-2022) 

4. At the Poles (2014/2016) 

Composed by montaging audio quotations from Coppice’s first two studies, «Circumpass» representing Bellows & Electronics (2009-2014), and «Compass» representing Physical Modeling & Modular Syntheses (2014-2018). Representing Phonography & Fiction (2018-2022), «Hourglass» abridges Coppice’s overarching sonic palette across all three studies (2009-2022). «At the Poles» is a conjunction of two unaltered solo performances, one for an Estey pump organ (cir. 1935, prepared in 2013) by Noé Cuéllar (recorded in January 2014), and one for modular synthesis by Joseph Kramer (recorded in May 2016), each of which has been separated from «Soft Crown» from “Vantage/Cordoned” (caduc., CA, 2014), and «Here» from “Green Flame” (caduc., CA, 2018). 

CD2: Observatory Sound 

1. Rotations in Refractor (Simulated Diffusion in the Likeness of the Yerkes Observatory) 

2. Turning in Reflectors (Simulated Diffusion in Objects against the Yerkes Observatory) 

Composed in 2021 using virtual acoustics of the Yerkes Observatory, through which are simulated the diffusions of «Circumpass» and «Compass». Spatial models and field recordings recorded on May 16 and 24, 2018 at the Yerkes Observatory, Williams Bay, WI. 

CD3: Sonic Observation 

1. Clocks in Flux (Elastic Capture-Source Diffusion post-CLEAT) 

Composed in 2022, combining a binaural recording of Coppice’s performed diffusion of «Hourglass» and «At the Poles» using CLEAT (Chicago Laboratory for Electroacoustic Theatre), a 16-channel 96-speaker sound system, and 2.1 PA system, with additional headlock audio not heard during the performance. Recorded live on July 8, 2022 at 8:43 PM, at Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL. 

Voices: Mark Booth, David Toop, NNN Cook, Jenny Vallier. The production of «Sonic Observation» was supported by an Individual Artists Program Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events. 

Thank you to Doyal “Al” Harper, Ed Struble, Jesse Wirth, Kathryn Schaffer, Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, The Chicago 00 Project, The Princess Grace Foundation, Seismograf, Jenny Kendler, Brian Kirkbride, the departments of Art and Technology Studies and Sound at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Nathan Keay, Mark Booth, Jenny Vallier, Stephan Moore, and Sébastien Gautheron. 

Artwork by Coppice.