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Format: tape
Manunkind is an industrial duo based in Moscow, Russia. Formed in 2015 by Eugene Gin (vocals, electronics) and Dee Grinski (vocals, electronics) It belongs to «Own Cause» union and also adjoins to Gerten, Main Unit and Dee Grinski.
Manunkind are doing industrial music with death psychotic beats and dark ambient's depths. Trying to make extreme noise sounds, immediately after Ramleh, Whitehouse, MZ.412, they obtained more symbolism and sacred components. But in the field of inspiration also lie avant-garde collectives like The Sperm or Nihilist Spasm Band. The noise sounds here as intolerable beauty. Lyrics send to depths of philosophy and antiquity and live performances are more similar to modern interpretation of some ancient rituals. The full picture of Manunkind portrays violence, abjection, extreme condition of a body and mind, human ignorance and sacred worship