Robert Ridley-Shackelton - "Purple Power" tape
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Format: tape

Robert Ridley-Shackelton has slowly but surely proving his longevity in the underground over the last few years. Following his own path with little to no regard for anyone else, his music has taken in a myriad of style ranging from harsh noise to lo-fi tape fumblings to deranged synth pop and everything in between. After randomly receiving a parcel from Mr. Shackleton last year containing a couple of his releases and a zine, I was immediately intrigued and remained in contact. "Purple Power" is nigh on 60 minutes of unique and lo-fi sound abstraction full of hiss, loops, casio and off kilter damaged sound as well as the occassional singing of a song. The sounds of content chaos and the sounds of madness reminding of latter day Filthy Turd. Artwork by William Watts.