W.A.I.L. "wisdom through agony into illumination and lunacy" LP
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Format: LP

Conceptualized around the letters of the acronymic band moniker. W.A.I.L. (Wisdom through Agony into Illumination and Lunacy). the debut album of this Finnish band delves through a five piece journey of murky and crushing soundscapes. On this first part of self-titled full-lengths. W.A.I.L. explains its meaning from a wholly personal perspective. The exceptional name accompanies exceptional music and therefore W.A.I.L. gives a mouth to something that absorbs conventions of black. death. doom & heavy metal - but the entity speaks with only one unique voice and that voice does speak indeed. because the wine of Satan has got them drunk.
Having more than a strong faith in their own material and. above all. not wanting any outsider to intervene with the release at the time. the debut was originally self-released on vinyl in fall 2009. Now that the LP version is down to its last copies. AAP releases a cd version with an improved mastering & layout to spread the material further.