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WOMB C was created by Will Over Matter + Blutleuchte + Cloama.  Blutleuchte basically also known as Dead Reptile Shrine. 8 pages booklet with lots of text. WOMB C is a collaboration between Will Over Matter. Blutleuchte and
Cloama. A 54 minute journey of cosmic atmospheres and occult symbolism.
using elements of black metal. ambient. industrial and power
electronics. channeling all the energy to travel further and deeper into
darkness. Several years in works. this is an artistic triumph in all
it´s epic glory! Features members of / recommended to those into Dead
Reptile Shrine and Ride For Revenge. Eight page booklet with a story to
tell. illustrated with cosmic symbols and as an icing on the cake:
amazing front cover art by Denis Kostromitin. Limited edition of 200
copies only.
 Bestial Burst.