Analfabetism "Av Hjord Är Du Kommen" CD
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Format: cd

As it is with death metal, Swedish industrial is a unique strain with an often defining and noticeable sound, forged in part by the legacy of early Cold Meat Industry, and further fueled by cold winters, alcohol, and mundane factory work. Analfabetism captures that original spirit - a grizzled veteran, known around Malignant for his prior nomenclature, Knös, Frederik Djurfeldt creates back to basics, stripped down, bare bones old school industrial; relentless cold frequencies and sinister atmospheres fleshed out with samples, looping dirge, and pounding machine clangs, and neatly wrapping it in an embrace of distortion and mechanized gloom. It''s a tried and true formula that sadly few explore today, yet here we find Analfabetism taking the torch and leading the charge towards a future that suddenly looks bright, even if it sounds hopelessly bleak and apocalyptic.