MLEHST – the difficulty in crossing a field – 2xLP
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Format: 2x LP

the chance meeting of musique concrete and pornography. mlehst is the unspoken master of british sound collage, much more sinister than nurse with wound and much more raw. mlehst creates true surrealist electronics without explanation or apology and leaves the audience to live with their own perversions. the pen is mightier than the sword - mlehst's juxtaposition of abstracted audio stories with eerie and mysterious track titles are paramount to none. always humble but eager to dissect the secret world of man's fetishes hidden away in nature. again, of huge importance to the development of the hospital aesthetic - so much is due to mlehst and we are thrilled to present this release on 2xlp gatefold vinyl. originally released as a cdr on bandaged hand produce. Hospital Productions