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“Now, this is some serious shit to speak about. Altarage are as real as they get, though there’s no way to decipher who in the hell they are. They could be an entirely new band in the excellent Spaniard extreme scene. Either way, they could be some kind of supergroup we don’t have the way to know about as well.” — BLACK METAL REVIEWS —
666 / 666

“A truly astonishing album with some of the punchiest, most addictive drumming to ever adorn a Black / Death Metal recording and a lot, lot more besides. Searing guitars, anguished otherworldly hollers, soul-destroying bass. The crushing atmosphere lives and breathes, pouring from the speakers like a tsunami of terror. And we all love terror. Let it rain upon you.”

Best Death Metal album 2016

“What Altarage has done is take death metal to a horrendously cacophonous new height. Rich guitar tones, echoing drums, bass chugs for the sanest of people to lose their minds to, grinding vocals, and symphonic blasts of refined disfigurement and ruination make me want a count of how many strings, sticks, and cough drops this band had to replace and/or use to tap into this vein of death metal. It’s as raging and downright demonic as the banshee-esque being on the cover, calling you to fall into the perception of death, become a wraith of self-doubt, and become a creature of Nihl.”