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Format: 4x cd

Infernal Proteus-A Musical Herbal (Ajna) Without doubt the most ambitious and exciting project emerging from the genre in 2002, this brilliantly crafted hardbound book-cum-four CD set arguably represents the culmination of artistic intent in the neofolk/neoclassical/experimental scene in terms of both music and conception. The most jaded listener cannot help but gape at the array of artists Ajna´s Tyler Davis has managed to rope into this visual-musical catalogue of flora. TRACKLIST * AH CAMA-SOTZ (Belgium): Morning Glory * ALIO DIE (Italy): Borage * ALLERSEELEN (Austria): Edelweiss * ALRAUNE (USA): Mandrake * AMBER ASYLUM (USA): Kelp * APOPTOSE (Germany): Oak * AUBE (Japan): Chrysanthemum * BARADELAN (Germany): Bonsai * CHAOS AS SHELTER (Israel): Bellflower * CIRCE (Spain): Myrtle * COLECLOUGH & HILL (UK): Beech * JASON H CRABAN (USA): Yarrow * YANNICK DAUBY (France): Sundew * ENDVRA (UK): Hops * HEKATE (Germany): Cornflower * HU (Israel): Tea * IGOR18 (Russia): Venus Flytrap * IN GOWAN RING (USA): Dandelion * INADE (Germany): Ginkgo * ISRAFEL IN NECROPOLIS (USA): Sycamore * DAVE KNOTT (USA): Redwood * LOTUS EATERS (USA): Marijuana * KAWABATA MAKOTO (Japan): Equinox Flower * MANIA (USA): Poison Ivy * MNORTHAM (USA): Salvia Divinorum * SETH NEHIL (USA): Birch * NERTHIAGH (Portugal): Belladonna * NUMINOSUM (USA): Lily of the Valley * Ô PARADIS (Spain): Lotus * RAIN (USA): Milk Thistle * THE RED KING (USA): Opium Poppy * STEVE RODEN (USA): Pine * TROUM (Germany): Khan Arachnid * ULTRA (USA): Yohimbe * UNTO ASHES (USA): Sunflower * VENEREUM ARVUM (UK): Hawthorne * WALDTEUFEL (USA): Yew * WOLFSKIN (Portugal): Thornapple * DAVID WOODWARD (USA): Calea