Epping Forest ‎"Lebabvoid" cd
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Format: cd

LEBABVOID, was recorded by core band members Azrael, MysticCosmos (ex-CORPUS CHRISTII) and Menthor (ENTHRONED, NIGHTBRINGER, LVCIFYRE, ex-CORPUS CHRISTII). This release also introduces a new member to the lineup, notably Trevash. The recording took place at Morbivs Studios and drums were recorded at HellBlast Studios, London. Produced by Cristiano Gomes and MysticCosmoS at Morbivs Studios. Conceptually, LEBABVOID focuses on the similarities of the mythological universes from the different ancient civilizations. It takes the Sumerian myths as a background for a brand new universe, giving birth to newly refurbished deities and myths..