SUBDUER "Death Monolith" LP
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Format: LP

There is clash of sounds coming from Baden-Würtemberg, Germany; a transmission of marvelous Power Electronics & War Metal. The young forces who appoint themselves as SUBDUER join the ranks of Dunkelheit Produktionen- four Songs is their offering. Labeled as „Death Monolith“- the sound itself is heavy & indeed monolithic. The songs introduce themselves with buzzing & murmuring frequencies, but there is just slight room for slow patterns. It strikes forth with full power, impact & grudge. The fourth track named „Domination Transmission“ reveals a more mid-tempo potential of the force. Foreboding in the first seconds, you have to prepare for an almost hypnotic & trance-like induction. „Death Monolith“ is a rare unbridled occasion to hear this hybrid of styles. Not following any norms or rules. It works! This release of sheer audial aggression executed by two anonymous apparations fits well alongside Dunkelheit's latest release of KAPALA. Fans of TETRAGRAMMACIDE, LUCIATION & GENOCIDE SHRINES will be more than pleased to treat their eardrums with this savage outcome.