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"Ohio has been rampant on the Ecstatic Peace play lists lately  with the release of a long player earlier this year by Leslie Keffer and a forthcoming split LP by Emeralds and Tusco Terror. Like Keffer, who's moved to Nashville (to be closer to Be Your Own Pet), 16 BITCH PILE-UP and MIKE SHIFLET are both ex-pats of Ohio. 16 Bitch to California and Shiflet to some weird small town in Japan. Shiflet we've known for years as he has produced some of the more interesting tapes and whatnot of Midwestern out-ness from his Gameboy label and from his legendary duo tour with Burning Star Core/C. Spencer Yeh of a few years back. Like the amazing beard he has sported since childhood his music is a free-fall of acoustic wonder. He is also the cat responsible for turning on most of the world to the radical charms of three girls from Ohio wickedly named 16 Bitch Pile-Up. With a name like that you may have expected something just kinda funny but what made itself imminently obvious was that 16 Bitch was really and extremely into producing a wholly personal thrombosis of noise improvisation. Crystallized to the trio of SARAH BERNAT, SARAH CATHERS, and SHANNON WALTER, this trio has become one of the most consistently exciting live experiences of the last five years. These recordings by both artists were done when both were still residents of Ohio and reflect that time and space right before each other's exodus. They are raw and righteous and ready for you to take a bite."