SATANIC WARMASTER "Strenght & Honour" digipak cd
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Label: Northern Heritage
Format: cd

In digipak CD. Old 1st version style front cover!

Northern Heritage is proud to finally present the definitive reissue of possibly the single most powerful Finnish black metal album of the late 90´s: "Strength and Honour". Combining the satanic aggression of early Finnish black metal with the arising militant pagan awareness. this album was instrumental in the subcultural development of Finnish (black) metal. A reissue was deemed necessary because thousands of copies have been sold in several different editions. but lacking the clarity and perfection of a definitive version. That version shall be available now. Despite being a well-known name these days. SATANIC WARMASTER was known from it´s inception as a serious and provocative project. It´s musical awareness of black metal tendencies from EMPEROR to MUTIILATION and moreover. awareness of the heritage of ancient pagan traditions both in national resurgence and through the witchcraft of Satan. the adversary. with it´s unconscious symbolism to modern heavy metal youth as the destructive energies in man. makes the album concrete and evil. It´s possessed with a feeling that makes you think it´s mere presence will turn over tombstones and set churches on fire. Halfway through this album. back in ´99. this reviewer was turned from scepticism towards modern Finnish black metal. to acclaiming it´s potential future existence as a radical artistic force. The truth of this prophecy has since been proved numerous times. by the same artist. and others unmentioned. Whereas SATANIC WARMASTER´s demo works presented a rather different style. the spiritual root of the later works must be found in the obscure. almost secret work of BLUTRACHE. whose demo has been dug up from the archives to serve as part of the current reissue. Also the bonus track "Legion Werwolf" from S&H tape and vinyl version is included here. The CD is remastered from the original master tape with a different vision in mind and has better dynamics and definition. yet containing the esoteric power of the original savage production.